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Vermont Author Chodorkoff at Library

HARDWICK – Dan Chodorkoff, author of the novel “Sugaring Down,” will be at the Jeudevine Memorial Library to read from and discuss his book on Monday, Sept. 18, at 6:30 p.m.

“Sugaring Down” spins the tale of two young activists, David and Jill, as they struggle to build a new society on an abandoned farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in 1968. The novel is an examination of 1960s counterculture as it simultaneously delves into the history of Vermont.

“In writing Sugaring Down, I wanted to explore a place and a time that were important for me personally, and important in terms of the emergence of the culture we live in today,” explains Dan Chodorkoff,

“The late ‘60s were a time of significant social change; a new ethos was emerging, and young people were in the forefront. We questioned everything and challenged many forms of hierarchy and domination; racism, sexism, imperialism, and capitalism. Our rebellion led to a great outpouring of creativity, and a movement intent on actualizing our vision of a new society. The movement accomplished a great deal, but also sowed the seeds of its own destruction through its nihilism and excess. Sugaring Down gave me an opportunity to reexamine those days of love and rage and to tell a story of Vermont in all of its glory and harshness.”

The Jeudevine Library is located at 93 North Main Street in Hardwick. This event is free and open to the public. For more information or to reach the library, call (802) 472-5948 or email [email protected].

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