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Hardwick Police Report

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An iPad was turned into the Hardwick Police Department that was found along the highway on Wolcott St. in Hardwick. Please stop by to identify it if you lost your iPad.

On September 16, at 12:09 p.m., Hardwick Police received a complaint of an e-bike theft from 184 Kellogg St. in Hardwick Village. The complaining victim was identified as William R. Crooks, of 184 Kellogg St.

Crooks advised between 7 p.m., on September 15, and 10 a.m., on September 16, his red Totem e-bike with 26-inch wheels was taken from where he had parked the bike, leaning on the back of his car in the driveway to his home. He indicated the frame of his bike is red and the battery cover (located on the downtube) is black. He said there were no additions or unique identifying marks for his bicycle. He indicated the bike has about a 20-mile range and he had already run the battery down halfway. He would also advise the bike is difficult to pedal without electric assist. Crooks advised the value of the bike is $750. Police found a bike on the Totem web site that matches Crooks’ bike in appearance called the “Victor 2.” The bike is currently marked down on the site, but the established retail price had been listed as $649. Crooks would advise the model bike was called “The Victor.”

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