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Students Elected as Delegates to 4-H National Dairy Conference

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courtesy photo
Natalie Michaud, eleventh-grade student at Hazen Union School, shows a dairy cow at the Eastern States Exposition.

by Lisa Stinson, Community Journalist

HARDWICK – Hazen Union School announces that two of its students, Natalie Michaud and Gabriel Michaud, were selected as delegates to represent the Vermont 4-H program at the 4-H National Dairy Conference in Madison, Wis., in early October. This honor highlights their dedication to agriculture and their contributions to Vermont’s thriving dairy community.

The 4-H National Dairy Conference gathers the brightest young minds from across the country to explore cutting-edge dairy science, innovative farming practices, and leadership development opportunities. The four-day event serves as a platform for these young ambassadors to exchange ideas, collaborate on dairy-related projects, and connect with industry experts.

Delegate Natalie Michaud, an eleventh-grade student at Hazen Union School, is a dairy enthusiast who has demonstrated unwavering commitment to Vermont’s agriculture community. With a passion for sustainable farming practices and an understanding of dairy science, she is poised to make a significant impact at the conference. 

courtesy photo
Gabriel Michaud, twelfth-grade student at Hazen Union School, shows a dairy cow at a recent competition.

Delegate Gabriel Michaud, another rising star from Hazen Union School, brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for dairy farming. As a twelfth grader, he has been actively involved in 4-H programs and community initiatives, showcasing leadership skills and a love for Vermont’s dairy industry.

These two students have earned their place at the 4-H National Dairy Conference through their hard work, dedication, leadership, community service, and passion for agriculture. 

“We are immensely proud of Natalie and Gabriel for their achievements and their dedication to promoting dairy excellence in Vermont,” said Jason Di Giulio, principal at Hazen Union School. “Their representation at the 4-H National Dairy Conference is a testament to their exceptional abilities and the quality of people involved with our school.”

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