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Free Education will be Offered in April

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Creators of the Morristown Free University are (left to right) Kyle Nuse, development director, River Arts; Kendra Aber-Ferri, library director, Morristown Centennial Library; and Stephanie Drews-Sheldon, executive director, River Arts 

MORRISTOWN – April 2024 will bring some opportunities to Morristown and the surrounding communities in the form of the newly minted Morristown Free University.

With the help of a generous grant from the Vermont Community Fund, River Arts of Morrisville and Morristown Centennial Library have combined their efforts to create free programming throughout the month of April.

Patterned after Bethel University in Bethel, Morristown Free University will be open to everyone in the Morristown community and surrounding towns. Over 20 workshops will be offered free of charge to all who sign up for a class. The types of classes offered are limited only by the imagination of the public.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Library on this special programming,” says Stephanie Drews-Sheldon, executive director of River Arts.

“We will be reaching out at the beginning of 2024 to all in the community who would like to teach a skill, trade, or craft to others, whether it be cooking, mechanics, weaving, local history, square dancing or digital marketing. We hope for a variety of all ages willing to teach and learn from one another, building community, connections and creativity for Morristown and all of the towns we support.”

These one-off classes will typically be two- or three-hour workshops, and students are welcome to sign up for as many as they like.

“We hope that this partnership will allow us to reach more people, foster a sense of community, and allow everyone the opportunity to be a student, no matter how old,” says Kendra Aber-Ferri, the Library Director at Morristown Centennial Library.

Classes will be held at a variety of spaces around town including the River Arts location at 74 Pleasant Street and Morristown Centennial Library at 7 Richmond Street.

River Arts and Morrisville Centennial Library will carve out some community gatherings throughout the month of April as well, culminating in an end of the month celebration for Morristown Free University students and families.

For more information about this program or an interest in instructing a class, email [email protected].

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