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2024 Hardwick Humanitarian Awards

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The 2024 Hardwick Humanitarian Awards, recognizing contributors to the community, were awarded by the Kiwanis Club on Tuesday, February 20

The Hardwick Gazette is proud of our local weather reporter Tyler Molleur, who received a well-deserved award for his work with the Hardwick Rescue Squad. We congratulate Tyler for the boundless energy he brings to everything he does.

This HCTV video of the evening’s presentations is worth watching from start to finish. You will learn about the contributions of some people you probably already know, and some you may not know yet. The presentation of Tyler’s award begins at about the 9:30 mark. He was unable to attend because he was volunteering elsewhere (of course.)

Tyler is once again writing a weekly weather column for the Gazette. Sign up here to receive an email alert when each week’s free copy is available by clicking here.

You can view all 2024 issues of The Hardwick Gazette’s weekly edition for free by clicking here.

Printed color copies of The Gazette are available to read in Hardwick at the Jeudevine Library, Nicky the Barber at Tracy’s Clip Joint, the Civic Standard, and the Greensboro Free Library.

We hope you enjoy reading Tyler’s column again.

Thank You,
Paul Fixx, Editor

You are receiving this message because we appreciate that Tyler has returned to writing about the weather for us and because this is the first video content we’ve published. Let us know what you think.

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