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A Place Where Everyone Can Feel Welcome

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To the editor:

I am a ninth-grader at Hazen Union who has been very active in the Ski and Ride program for the last three years.

In a letter sent to the Ski and Ride community, Mr. Perrigo informed us that he was not being invited back to the Ski and Ride Coordinator position for next year, a position which he held for several years.

Throughout those years, Mr. Perrigo, along with a group of student coordinators, has transformed the Ski and Ride Program into what it is today; a place where everyone can feel welcome, make new connections and become more confident on and off the mountain.

I have personally witnessed students becoming more confident due to their improved skiing skills and connecting with new people.

I have noticed that when students and teachers participate in Ski and Ride together, it allows them to get to know each other better, which creates a sense of community and respect.

Mr. Perrigo has ensured that every student was able to get the necessary equipment for the season, regardless of financial status.

He was able to get nearly every student in the program a free season pass to Jay Peak Resort, which helped all students be able to participate in the program. Now that Principal Di Guilio has removed Mr. Perrigo from his position as coordinator, students without the funds to purchase equipment and passes will likely be unable to attend the trips.

The strong community that Mr. Perrigo created is at risk.

The loss of a great coordinator combined with having fewer trips on school days means that the benefits of this program will be greatly diminished.

Manny Fliegelman

East Hardwick

Manny Fliegelman

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