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Disappointed and Saddened

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To the editor:

My son, Jasper, was a participant in the Hazen Union High School Ski and Ride program for the past three years; in addition, he was one of the student coordinators helping to run the program. I was disappointed and saddened to learn that David Perrigo will no longer be allowed to run the program; I’ve been impressed with all that he has done for and with the kids and incredibly grateful to have this program in Jasper’s life.
Being part of the Ski and Ride program has been an absolute gem of an experience for Jasper; I have watched him transform from being a bit shy to incredibly socially active and more assertive; both the confidence resulting from snowboarding, and the leadership training he experienced through Ski and Ride, contributed immensely to his growth. He is now involved as well with the Civic Standard and the initiative to build a skate park in Hardwick. 
I was shocked to learn that the number of days will be reduced to just five for the entire season of Ski and Ride. If it were possible to have even more than the fourteen days last season, I would have been all for it. Jasper has maintained a B-plus to A average throughout his school career, so Ski and Ride clearly hasn’t gotten in the way of his schooling. I feel that his life is richer for it and I believe it is important for kids to experience hands-on education, outside of the classroom as much as possible. Five days would be barely getting a taste for the sport in my opinion.
I will close by saying that many families in Vermont are not able to afford mountain passes and the expenses that come along with children participating in winter sports. I believe that Ski and Ride is absolutely crucial for the physical and emotional wellbeing of Hazen students, and I would like to see the number of days increased, not cut back. 
Cecilia Leibovitz


Cecilia Leibovitz

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