Founder of Circus Smirkus Publishes Memoir: “Circle of Sawdust”

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Rob Mermin

MONTPELIER – On May 28, Rootstock Publishing will release “Circle of Sawdust: A Circus Memoir of Mud, Myth, Mirth, Mayhem and Magic” by Rob Mermin of Montpelier.

“Circle of Sawdust” is a personal story of the characters, histories and behind-the-scenes world of traditional traveling circuses. It’s the true-life tale of a boy’s impulse to run off and join the circus and then, through doubt, failure, loss, and tragedy, pursue the vision of starting his own circus. Rob Mermin, the founder of Circus Smirkus, writes about his life as a creative artist and the struggle to hold onto a dream.

“Circus Smirkus has existed for 35 years and, even though it was my dream for decades, it almost didn’t happen,” says Mermin. “I was confronted with naysayers who resisted taking creative risks. I hope readers are inspired by my story to hang on to idealism and pursue their own improbable dreams with determination, passion, and above all, a sense of humor.”   

Rob Mermin ran off to join the circus in 1969 and studied the art of mime with famed French mime Marcel Marceau. A performer, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, playwright, and director, Mermin founded the award-winning international touring company Circus Smirkus in Greensboro.

A book launch event with the author is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 29, at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library, 135 Main Street.

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