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Hardwick’s Own Live Game Show May 9-11

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“Change Your Life: Hardwick’s Own Live Game Show” will be performed on May 9, 10, and 11 at the Hardwick Town House. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. each evening.

The Civic Theater Project is reviving an age old town tradition live on stage at the Hardwick Town House. “Change Your Life” was a homespun game show played by locals beginning back in 1846 and lasting until 1979. But, like many town traditions, it abruptly ended, leaving a hole in the heart of Hardwick. 

The Civic Theater Project, creators of “The Garage of Doom” and “Developed to Death,” are bringing this interactive spectacle back to life. 

“Change Your Life” features games of chance and skill, prizes and fun. All attendees have a chance to win and change their lives in front of the whole audience. The evening features a local cast of Hardwick’s finest plus a live band, refreshments, prizes and winners.

Tickets are available in person at the Civic Standard, 42 S. Main Street, weekdays noon to 5 p.m., online at thecivicstandard.org, or email [email protected]

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