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Know Everything about Nothing

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To the editor:

So our present president and his followers want to forgive college loans. How about all the people who worked and diligently paid their loans off?

Who are the people who need loan forgiveness? Are they the majority who back in the 60s and 70s spent eight, 10, 12 years in college trying to get a degree that most students did in two to four years? And then if they did graduate, was it with a degree in something like “creative humanities” and then couldn’t find employment except in the government or nonprofit sector (taxpayer dollars)?

When I was growing up, comic book’s (Superman, Archie, Donald Duck) back covers had full page ads for proficiency programs. For $10 you could get them through the mail.

As more progressive liberal so-called colleges now do everything online, is this an acceptable form of education?

To be able to access government student loan money, among other things, they need decent enrollment and steady financial standing. Online enrollment satisfies both requirements. The student “graduates” and then can be considered to be an “expert witness” in legal affairs. They can testify and sway court decisions such as Act 250.

Charley Burbank


Charley Burbank

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