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Art Celebration Scheduled for May 14

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HARDWICK – The OSSU Art in Bloom celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14. This year’s celebration will invite students in grades 4 to 6 to spend the day at Highland Center for the Arts (HCA) in Greensboro exploring the visual arts, engaging in workshops, and participating in music rehearsals.
Parents, caregivers and the public are invited to a performance at 1 p.m., featuring the students singing eclipse-themed songs, followed by selections from Hazen Union Drama Club’s “The Wizard of Oz”. Third grade students from all OSSU schools will also join us at the HCA to watch this afternoon performance.
Student artwork from grades 4 through 12 will be on display throughout the day. All members of our local and school communities, Craftsbury Schools, Hardwick Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Woodbury Elementary, Wolcott Elementary, and Hazen Union School are invited to attend.

Mavis MacNeil is the choral music teacher at Hazen Union School.

Mavis MacNeil

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