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Greensboro Bend Wouldn’t be the Same Without Jane Johns

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GREENSBORO – Jane Tousant Johns has lived her life in Greensboro Bend, being born on Tousant Hill in Stannard, just a stone’s throw away from where she lives today.

Howard Abare and Jane Tousant Johns

Jane graduated as valedictorian of her 1965 class from Greensboro High School. As anyone could expect, she was very active in all of her high school years in Greensboro.

Jane was honored by the National Life Insurance Company for being one of the 13 top high school mathematicians. She raised her son in Greensboro and still lives on French Hill (The Bend Road).

Jane has been an avid advocate for the improvement of Greensboro Bend for her entire life and is an active member of The Bend Revitalization Group. She tirelessly volunteers for this and the Rail Trail Committee.

If anything needs doing in Greensboro Bend, you will find Jane. She helped organize the tree planting along Main Street, as well as working diligently to get the mural in place along the Rail Trail along with all other improvements by the Revitalization and Rail Trail Committees.

You can always find Jane taking care of Our Community Park on Main Street and organizing the summer picnics and children’s activities put on at the park. Jane organizes the Christmas tree lighting at the park, and even collects the garbage that people leave on the ground.

Jane is Greensboro Bend’s Guardian Angel, and we owe her such a debt of gratitude. Greensboro Bend is so much better because of her dedication.

2023 Greensboro Town Report

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