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Reasons Extremely Vague

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To the editor:

I am writing about Hazen principal Jason Di Guilio’s recent notice to dismiss former principal David Perrigo from his role as administrator of the Hazen Ski and Ride program, as well as his announcement that the program will be rolled into their Winter Wellness program, cutting the program essentially in half. 

The reasons for Mr. Perrigo’s dismissal were extremely vague, both in their notice to the public as well as to Mr. Perrigo himself. 

As a parent/chaperone, who had their feet on the ground almost every day of the program’s season, I can fully stand behind David Perrigo, and say that he was a great administrator, provided clear communication and fantastic organization. And he’s developed an awesome program that really brings out the best in all the kids!

David Perrigo has been building the program for three years now, increasing participation, the number of mountains, and the number of trips, while fostering an atmosphere of inclusion, community, skill building, and leadership development.     There were enough mountain experiences for my daughter to learn skiing and snowboarding and really hone her skills, with time to forge new friendships. 

The proposed five ski trips for next year, with the potential for vacation day trips (which have been poorly attended in the past) are down from the 14 trips we took this year.  Students are required to keep their grades up in order to participate, so missed classes aren’t reason to eliminate so many days.  There is also the problem of acquiring equipment for so many participants for so few days.

In conclusion,  I would first like to see Mr. Perrigo be reinstated in his position, with full support and cooperation from the Hazen administration.  He is a gem, and well loved by the attending staff, the students, and the chaperones. 

My children and I would participate in any program that Perrigo ran!

And second, I would like to see the structure stay the same, even continue to build, so the kids have the time to solidify their skills and the chance to make the community connections that happen over the course of the season. 

Megan Hall

East Hardwick

Megan Hall

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