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Remembering the Foundation of the American Dream

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To the editor:

I am Eric, an American; l have accepted the work the people, remembering the foundation of this American dream; this foundation holds the supreme law of the land here on earth in the expression of the life force the service to creation thus the experience here in earth, and imperative genesis of civil government, through Divine Providence, of the negative invisible, Love of God;

So, in the beginning, the year of our Lord, 1776, we the people began a new experiment here in/at America; our intention here, you and I, this moment, now, is to refresh our conscious awareness of how we got here from there and, talk about where we lost our way; this is a civics lesson for the inhabitants of this great land America;

The ground we stand on, this earth, is the foundation of reality in this life; if this does not resonate, leave this reading now and take your body for a walk until you feel the earth under your feet; this ground connects us/we to infinite possibly beyond our comprehension (if this is yet to be self evident, continue your walk); we now are in a feeling, unconscious to conscious awareness that there is, in fact, happenings beyond our understanding; yes, impossibilities that happens, emerge; inconceivabilities in our sensual experience and rationale mind-set;

Now, the seemingly big step on this walk (though they be all equal in measure.) Faith! : that which we feel, is, that we cannot allow ourselves to yet accept; this is the essence of attraction; that which draws us out of ourselves in expansive, exciting, adventurous exploration!

This is the foundation of America.

The intent of the organic constitution of America has no conscious connection to human beings who choose to be without their self -evident truth; this self-evident truth is stimulated to conscious awareness through that innermost point of being within us, that we come from, a mystery beyond our wildest dreams! Yes, this is what All Law, authority, rules, to regulation, civil authority, “orders,” grow out of, is born from, is constructed in honor to: knowing All Ways and Forever and Ever, we are in service to an all Loving impulse that in our day to day life is otherwise impossible;

Now we build our fantastic government . . .

Eric Jonathan


Eric Jonathan

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