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Opportunity Greensboro Forum on Housing Initiative

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GREENSBORO — Opportunity Greensboro is offering a forum “In Support of and for Learning More about the Town Hall/Rural Edge Initiative” at the Greensboro United Church of Christ’s Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, June 4, at 7 p.m.

Opportunity Greensboro is a group of neighbors who support the town hall/Rural Edge project. They will be presenting a panel of speakers who will provide information on the benefits of this initiative.

Reverend Ed Sunday-Winters will offer introductory remarks.

Kent Hansen, chair of the housing committee, will recount the Greensboro Housing Committee’s journey leading to the town hall project. Kent will also present an overview of the finances of the project based on data provided by town officials and Rural Edge.

Neighbors Keisha Luce and Mavis MacNeil will share their experience trying to find housing in the community.

Bill Rogers, Greensboro Nursing Home Board President and Mateo Kehler with Jasper Hill Cheese will share their experience as employers whose businesses have been impacted by the housing shortage.

Attendees will be invited to submit written questions for the panelists. Questions that cannot be answered by the speakers will be forwarded in writing to the select board or other appropriate source.

The forum is not a product of the select board or Rural Edge and is not meant to replace a select board organized town meeting about the status of the project. It is simply a panel where neighbors who are concerned about housing can discuss the project.

Additional speakers and an opportunity to join remotely will be announced.

Opportunity Greensboro members are Ed Sunday-Winters, Bill Rogers, Bill Berman and Liz Baum.

For questions or additional information, email Liz Baum at [email protected].

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