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Chaos and Kindness Show

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photo by Vanessa Fournier
As a special surprise for the students during the “Chaos and Kindness” show held at Hardwick Elementary School, May 16, faculty and staff danced for the students. In the front Kristin Holbrook takes her turn and in the back (from left to right): Melisa Hall, Corrine Gardiner, Becca LaRose, Natasha Beauregard, Fawn Shore and Desiree Hodgdon.
photo by Vanessa Fournier
Ryan Vezina (left), Nathan Mann (center) and Justin Spencer (right) of Recycled Percussion from New Hampshire entertained Hardwick Elementary students, faculty and staff, May 16, with their performance using grinders. They were on America’s Got Talent in 2009. The “Chaos and Kindness” show, which included several unique acts, was sponsored by The Pleasants Fund of the Greensboro United Church, Friends of Hardwick Elementary School and private family donations.

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