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Night Owl Club Features Astronomy Exploration

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ed note: This event has been cancelled

ST. JOHNSBURY – The Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium will host the Night Owl Club on Thursday, June 6, at 7 p.m., for talks about astronomy with spaceflight presenters, educators, and experts. This live-streamed conversation engages astronomy and space exploration educators and expert guests on current topics. The Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium is located in the Fairbanks Muserum, and is the only public planetarium in Vermont. The astronomy educators are connected with the latest NASA projects.

The Night Owl Club is presented on the first Thursday of each month and features space exploration and astronomy events with a chance to ask questions and make observations. The club will feature the latest images from deep space, once-in-a-lifetime astronomical occurrences and advances in space technology.

Drawing on monthly updates from planetarium director Mark Breen, astronomy and spaceflight presenter Christian Bradley Hubbs will highlight a few topics with images and deeper explanations. Find links to join the event at fairbanksmuseum.org/nightowl/

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