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Revisions Upon Revisions

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To the editor:

Now we are here; transformed by the revisions upon revisions of a story, his story, like a writer vainly attempting to keep life current in a written form; 

The great American civil war was/is a primary division of the intentional unity imbued in this American civil experience;

This political, social, economic performance of north verses south vanquished the elector status that is/was self evident in the nature of the will of the people; the decree that established the new assembly of so called congress around 1871, is the public genesis of the corporate person: the switch from a de jure republic to a branded corporate model of government titled and registered: a Democracy;

This resulted in the overlay of the organic civil authority by a colorable authority in corporate outsourcing; this is one of these times in his-story where a breech of trust is intentionally committed to shift the illusion of the civil power/authority away from its original intention to the control by the few; and who are those few? They are the ones we fund with our life force by participating in the corporate trading of human resources controlling the inflation and deflation, (the in breath and out breath, the ebb and flow of our unconscious collective bi- polarized schitafrenia) in the unreconcilable conundrum of this social economic political system we all accept as normal – a mistaken substitute for natural;

So…, to relocalize this story appearing here, in your mind, eric-jonathan’s story, l choose with my free will, imbued in I by my Creator, unalienable in the supreme Authority of the natural rites, self evident in our expansive conscious awareness, that I Am the civil authority, as one of the people and as such The Town of Woodbury municipality, is subject to the authority of I, and in service to I, as the corporate sub-contractor, in the fiduciary obligation it’s charter has to the oath of office of all consenting corporate employees/persons, to uphold the original intent of the American constitution;

I, as a matter of course, look forward to all other natural, un-employed, people/beings to stand with I in service to our higher selves in the image of the love which flows eternally, from whence We come…

Now is the time, tomorrow is all ways a day away.

Eric Jonathan


Eric Jonathan

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