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Adult Swim Classes Begin in July

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GREENSBORO – Adult swim classes will be held at Caspian Lake this summer. The first session will be July 22 through July 26, and the second session will be held July 29 through August 2, both are at 6 p.m.

Teach America to Swim (TATS) will be running the classes for anyone 16 years and older who is interested in learning basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes.

The Teach America to Swim organization has been running children’s swim classes on Caspian Lake for the past several years. Their instructors will work closely with the adult students to help them feel comfortable in the water and improve their skill, no matter what level.

No previous swim experience is necessary to enroll in these classes. 

The Greensboro Recreation Committee is running this program for only a small fee that has been discounted through the Greensboro UCC Pleasants Fund and private donations. 

The program is open to adults in any of the surrounding communities.

To sign up, please go to the Teach America To Swim/Vermont website,    https://www.teachamericatoswim.com/vermont.html. For more information, contact Liz at  [email protected].

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