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Rural Edge Town Hall Project

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To the editor:

The select board of Greensboro has been asked multiple times when and where they will hold an open meeting for the whole community, to hear all voices and ideas about other ideas and options for our town hall and property (without including the Rural Edge’s project.)

They have promised the community of Greensboro to have many meetings and conversations for the town hall, but so far to date they have not held one open meeting about other options. As stated in Eric Hanson’s FPF post, June 9, the select board has many unanswered questions to attend to.

As elected officials is it not their responsibility to represent the town?

How is it possible for the select board to represent us without first asking the people of the town for their ideas and including us in the process?

How can the select board be in negotiations with a private entity to sell our town hall and bring it to a town vote, when we have not been included in the process, have no other options on the table and little transparency of information.

The town hall is a valuable historic building and property that is owned by all of us, and is the heart of our village!

I believe we can find solutions to housing without losing the town heart and center of our village.

I hope you will let us know when and where you will hold a meeting to hear all the voices of our town.

Jennifer Ranz


ed. note: Ranz was writing in response to a Front Porch Forum post by Greensboro Select Board member Eric Hanson in issue 3115, June 9. Hanson’s letter to the editor in today’s issue offers essentially the same information.

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