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To the editor:

The Greensboro select board is under the impression nobody is in opposition to their plans.

Whether you live in Greensboro year-round, during the summer, or in the adjacent communities, if you are opposed to turning our historic town hall into subsidized low-income housing with all the contingent stresses on parking, septic, the water supply and the community as a whole, please contact the members of the Greensboro Select Board directly and share your concerns.

At the very least this project should be halted until the townspeople can vote on it.

The wheels are in motion, please email the various members today and share your thoughts before it is too late.

Kim Greaves <[email protected]>, Josh Karp <[email protected]>, Eric Hanson <[email protected]>, Ellen Celnik <[email protected]>, David Kelley <[email protected]>, MacNeil <[email protected]>


Andrea MacLeod


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