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The Best-prepared Candidate

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To the editor:

I urge voters in the August 13 primary to support Leanne Harple. She is the best-prepared candidate to guide us through the changes Vermonters need to create a more equitable public education system.

Here are the reasons Harple is the best choice to serve us in the Orleans-4 House seat: As the parent of elementary school children, she knows how hard it is to pay the local tax bill in addition to all the other expenses in raising a family today.

Also, as a full-time teacher, she has experience and knowledge that will help the legislature confront the state’s broken funding system for our schools.

In addition, as a graduate of both Lake Region High School and Glover Community School, Harple is rooted in the Northeast Kingdom whose way of life she wants to preserve for us all.

Her youthful vitality and her solid grounding in the NEK make Leanne Harple the candidate who will most benefit voters in Albany, Craftsbury Glover, and Greensboro.

Scott Rhodewalt


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