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We all Love This Town

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To the editor:

In 2001, The Greensboro Historical Society published a wonderful book titled “An Architectural Walking Tour of Greensboro, Vt., The Village”.

It was prepared by Rolf Muenster and Jenny Stoner. Along with many other volunteers they gathered information about the historical houses and buildings in the village along with information as to when they were built and who lived and worked in them.

It provides the history of the village when it was founded, when the earliest houses were built along with their architectural styles. In addition it contains architectural drawings of every style still seen in our village. Along with pictures of each of the 47 houses and buildings that still exist.

One of the buildings featured is our town hall constructed in 1912, along with its history. In 1983 a federal grant was obtained to renovate it to what we see today.

Affordable housing is a necessity and desperately needed in our state. Affordable housing should exist in Greensboro, but not where it is being sited. As proposed the feel and the architectural significance of this building and our historical village will be significantly altered.

We all love this town, it is why many of us chose to live here.

Why would we want to change it in such a dramatic fashion when there is plenty of available land outside the village center?

Nancy Lammert


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