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We are in a Housing Crisis

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To the editor:

I’m puzzling over the loud voices in opposition to the Rural Edge project that would create affordable housing at the town hall. I’m wondering if those in opposition have considered the following facts:

We are in a housing crisis, which means that only the wealthiest among us can afford housing in Greensboro. Houses and land are rare and ridiculously expensive, and the short term rental market has eliminated opportunities for affordable long term rentals.

Because of the housing crisis, families with children, as well as people that staff our schools, medical care facilities, and local businesses cannot afford to live here, or anywhere close by.

Why should you care? Our local school is only offering pre-K through grade-three next year, and its fate is uncertain, because families with children and teachers cannot afford to live in the area. 

The nursing home and local businesses are facing similar challenges. 

If our school, businesses, emergency services, road crew, and medical care facilities cannot continue to function, property in Greensboro will be gobbled up by wealthy out-of-towner’s and short term rental speculators. 

Anything resembling what Greensboro has been historically will cease to exist.

Doing nothing is not a viable option here, if we don’t find a way to fill the urgent need for housing, our community will be forever changed, and not in a positive way. 

The RuralEdge project represents an opportunity to work toward resolving this crisis. 

I’d like to hear some viable alternative solutions from those who are critical of it.

Jay Modry


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