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Leave it Where it Belongs

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To the editor:

In the growing fight between Trump and Biden, we also have the competition for who is more affected by age-related mental decline. As we age, nearly all of us will lose some of the ability to instantly recall names and will misspeak at times. Both Trump and Biden are no exception. But does it matter?

For our president, what are the most important factors that make the difference in how they will run the country? First and foremost is judgment and temperament, along with the crucial need to surround yourself with competent staff. The president must rely upon many people to get the job done. We don’t have to guess about those things, both are known entities.

Next, of course, is what they stand for. Again, we know that. Biden is likely to continue to govern as he is doing now, and we know how Trump has performed as president and have heard how he intends to govern if elected in a few short months.

Please, let’s leave the debate where it belongs and not focus on minor mental lapses on the part of both candidates.

Norm Etkind


Norm Etkind

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