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New Retirees

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photo by Vanessa Fournier
Three teachers retired from Twinfield Union School this year. Charlie Wanzer (left) has taught high school math and science for the past 14 years at Twinfield and has a total of 36 years in education. Krista Larrow (center) has taught third and fourth grades for 20 years and literacy and elementary math for the past 11 years all at Twinfield. Larrow has a total of 34 years in education. Peter Herrick (right) has taught fourth, fifth and sixth grades for the past 22 years at Twinfield. He has a total of 24 years in education.
photo by Vanessa Fournier
Two staff members retired from Wolcott Elementary School this year. Christine Elmendorf (left) taught first and second grades for seven years and kindergarten for the past 22 years. She has a total of 29 years in education, all at Wolcott. Dawn Cochran (right) was a paraeducator at Wolcott Elementary School for seven years and has been the administrative assistant for the past 25 years, totaling 32 years at Wolcott Elementary.

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