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Tool Library Established

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GREENSBORO — A tool library has been established by the Greensboro Conservation Commission (GCC) with an Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions (AVCC) Tiny Grant.

The grant makes tools like parsnip predator shovels, weed wrenches and hand scythes available to the public, free of charge, for use in battling invasive plants.

“Following the identification and documentation of 63 unique invasive infestations, the GCC requested AVCC funding to support their ongoing invasive species education and management efforts. Tiny Grant funds will spur the creation of a Town Tool Library, including silage tarps, a sharpshooter shovel, and a weed wrench, which will be made available to the commission, community volunteers and other interested parties,” noted the AVCC in describing the grant award.

GCC Clerk, Will Mariler said, “Together we can protect the biodiversity of our local ecosystem!”

Contact Marlier for more information if you have an outbreak of japanese knotweed, goutweed or buckthorn at [email protected]. Sign out sheets can be found at greensborovt.gov/conservation-commission/.

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