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Keen Insights, Deep Sincerity

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To the editor:

When I hear the name David Kelley, so many great things come to my mind. Now I’ve learned that David is running for the Vermont House for the towns of Craftsbury, Greensboro, Glover and Albany. But as I’ve thought about writing this letter, two things in particular stick out that reflect his character, his keen insights, his deep sincerity, and his unstoppable work ethic:

A number of years ago a foreign college student, close to graduation, was completing her studies and doing a project with one of our horses. She told us that her visa was expiring, and she was lost and bereft at the daunting nature of the bureaucracy that she must navigate. Thankfully, we knew the person to call was David Kelley. Dropping everything, he jumped in the car with us and drove to St. Albans to get the problem addressed. And while I was impressed that he was unfazed by the complicated situation before us, what has truly stuck with me was the empathy he immediately felt for a person he’d known for less than an hour.

In our efforts to keep industrial scale wind developers from shaving our ridge lines and potentially doing irreparable harm to our environment, David was a quick study on this important topic, and became passionate, filled simultaneously with power and sincerity. I learned first-hand that David Kelley is not just talk    when a wrong has been committed to a person or on an issue that needs to be righted.

David Kelley will be ready on day-one to speak out for the people of the Kingdom. I hope you’ll join me in voting for him on August 13, to represent us in the Vermont House.

Phil Lovely


Phil Lovely

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