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The Only True Bright Spot

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To the editor:

David Kelley, candidate for the Vermont House, might be the only truly bright spot in this year’s election season.

First and foremost, he’s a truly good person. He is community-minded, and he gives of himself unselfishly. In addition to a top notch legal brain, he is enthusiastic and has boundless energy.

David Kelley has selflessly helped me with a project and has gone way out of his way to help with a legal matter that was incredibly challenging, fighting one of our State’s most deeply entrenched bureaucracies. In the community, David has supported a lot of great local causes, helping people who really need his help, such as Ukrainians and others. David champions people who need it, while others of us mostly just talk or think about helping.

Affordability in the Kingdom is a real issue. I love Vermont but it can be way too expensive to live here, especially for young people. So if you want business as usual, maybe you will vote for someone else. But if you want someone with brains, compassion and an unstoppable work ethic, I hope you’ll join me on August 13 in voting for David Kelley for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Mark A. Snyder


Mark A. Snyder

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