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For a Brighter Vermont

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To the editor:

For a brighter Vermont, choose Katherine Sims for State Senate.

As a parent in this close-knit community, I often worry about the world my children will inherit. Will they have an affordable home? Receive a quality education? Will they find fulfilling work that matches our rising cost of living? These aren’t just my concerns; they’re the foundation of every family’s future in our region.

The challenges we face, the housing crisis, struggling schools, and wages that don’t keep up with expenses, can seem daunting. But I believe in our ability to tackle these issues with courage and compassion. We need a leader who turns this belief into action. That leader is Katherine Sims.

While serving our communities in the House of Representatives, Katherine has been a true champion for our values. Her work ethic, intelligence, and commitment to honest and open communication set her apart. She doesn’t just vote; she engages us in her work, explaining her positions and genuinely listening to our concerns and perspectives. Her loyalty isn’t to any party, but to the policies that best serve our rural communities.

This November, I’m voting for Katherine Sims for Vermont State Senate because she understands that my children’s future is tied to every child’s future in Vermont. Her vision transcends politics, it focuses on what matters: making life affordable for working Vermonters, providing quality education with predictable, affordable funding and enacting policies that respect small businesses and our environment.

Katherine offers something rare and invaluable: hope, backed by a proven record of hard work and achieving results in the legislature. She’s not just a candidate, she’s a neighbor and a tireless advocate for a Vermont where every family can thrive.

Join me in choosing a brighter, more secure future. Vote Katherine Sims for Vermont State Senator of the Orleans District.

Natashea Winters


Natashea Winters

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