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Honesty, Honor and Trust

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To the editor:

David Kelley is running for the Vermont House to represent the towns of Greensboro, Glover, Craftsbury and Albany in the August 13 primary. As someone who served as a Democrat in the Vermont House for four terms and worked afterwards at the statehouse for seven additional years, I know something about how things work there. I know what’s needed for effective leadership. Honesty, honor and trust are three of the essential traits a good legislator must have.

Sadly, too many others don’t have these qualities, but fortunately for us, David Kelley has them in spades. David also has brains and experience, and he will be able to hit the ground running at the legislature. He cares deeply about education (as a lawyer, David represented 32 small school districts before the Vermont Supreme Court and also started what became our nation’s largest student exchange with the former Soviet Union); he also knows the need to build partnerships essential to a strong community. David has always been a strong advocate for women’s issues, and it’s just part of his indefatigable nature that he loves working with all people, regardless of their age, gender, or political affiliation.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for David Kelley in the Democratic primary on August 13.

Carolyn Kehler


Carolyn Kehler

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