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Vote in Primary Election

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To the editor:

There is a primary election on August 13. Please put the date on your calendar. You can vote now if you so desire at the town clerk’s office or by requesting an absentee ballot.  

The primary includes a contest between two Democrats running to represent Craftsbury, Greensboro, Albany and Glover.  The candidates are David Kelly from Greensboro and Leanne Harple from Glover. David’s long resume includes being an attorney and serving on several Greensboro boards. Now in his 70s, he spent many years as a lobbyist in Montpelier and ran for Governor as a Republican against Howard Dean in 1994.  According to the Secretary of State’s website, he also unsuccessfully ran as a Republican for a Franklin County House seat in 2000 and for the Senate from Washington County in 1992. 

Leanne, born, raised and educated in Glover, is a mother of school age children and an English teacher at Hazen Union High School. Leanne and her peers bring hope for the NEK’s future.  I believe it’s time for elders to step aside and let energetic young people who listen, and care, take on leadership roles in our communities. 

Gina Campoli

Craftsbury Common 

Gina Campoli

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  1. David Kelley


    Your letter in today’s Gazette says I ran for a House seat in Franklin County. I have never even lived in Franklin County.


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