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ST. JOHNSBURY – Of the four candidates vying to be the next Caledonia District Senator, I am the only one with policy making experience in a legislature or a public voting record: 10 years in the Vermont House of Representatives. Every legislator in Montpelier has their own style, some jump right into political intrigue and look for a ladder, others never find their voice or direction and depart, some hang on for several terms but accomplish little, several buckle up to do the hard policy work and help all Vermonters.

I have decidedly been focused on knee-deep policy work and change that will help all Vermonters. This is a comfortable angle for me to work from. Whether it was flying attack jets off aircraft carriers in combat, being a long-time educator and coach, owning a downtown bookstore in its 20th year with my wife, or leading a non-profit community organization, I have always had one overarching strategy; when change occurs, everyone has to win. Everyone has to move forward.

This policy work demands long hours and pouring over volumes of studies and analysis to develop and refine policy, speaking with many subject experts and Vermonters with different perspectives on days, nights and weekends, engaging in deep thought well outside of the box, and collaborating with a wide variety of people. I refer to it as a win-win strategy, and often there have to be three or four, or more winners. It is very tedious work and sometimes moves at the speed of sloth, but other times at the speed of sound. I lead from the front and am comfortable at either speed if it helps all Vermonters. This work often requires me to deliver a difficult message to some – your advantage is being taken away and all Vermonters can’t win unless it is. The privileged, entitled, and advantaged don’t want to hear it and will go to the mat to preserve their advantage. I am comfortable on the mat.

This win-win approach has produced results for the Caledonia District and all of Vermont. Corporate tax reform benefits all Vermont C-Corporations and employees, and tripled the amount of tax revenue available to support Vermonters, without increasing tax rates. Common level of appraisal reform will increase education fund transparency in FY26 and benefit all school districts and property tax payers. Policy in recent early childcare initiatives support home-based providers, protect existing families that receive assistance and do not damage seniors on fixed income. I led and fought for these initiatives to be included and in all cases had to fight the fight repeatedly. But importantly, they made it to the finish line because the policy work and thought process was sound and a win-win for all Vermonters.

A win-win approach from a legislator requires considerable experience, patience, and a broad and diverse understanding of how different perspectives fit together. I am at a decided advantage in pursuing this style because I have had several careers and 10 years of legislative experience. This combination, I think, makes me the most qualified to serve as a Vermont Senator for the Caledonia District.

I hope you agree and select me on the Republican primary ballot on August 13. Please let me know if you would like to share your perspectives and priorities so that I can be even more prepared to serve the Caledonia District in the Vermont Senate.

Rep. Scott Beck (R) is a candidate for Vermont’s Caledonia Senate District. He is a five-term Vermont State Representative serving on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Rep. Scott Beck

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