Janet Long Retires

GREENSBORO – Town Clerk, Kim Greaves threw a well-attended party at the United Church of Christ for retiring Collector of Delinquent Taxes Janet Long on the afternoon of June 5. Long has played a big role in almost everything related to finances in Greensboro for the 50 years since she[Read More…]

NEK Broadband is Coming to Greensboro

GREENSBORO – “NEK Broadband [is] in the final steps of preparing to hang fiber on utility poles,” wrote NEK Broadband’s Community Relations Manager, Kitty Ufford-Chase in a May 29 Greensboro/Glover Front Porch Forum (FPF) post. She said, “The initial construction will be from the Craftsbury town line down to and[Read More…]

NEK Broadband Announces Merger Plans

DANVILLE – NEK Broadband and CVFiber announce a preliminary plan to join the two Communications Union Districts (CUDs) under a recent addition to Vermont law. The proposed merger would unite resources, experience, expertise and commitment to deliver high-speed internet services to 71 communities. Working collaboratively will allow the CUDs to leverage[Read More…]