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Northeast Kingdom Public Journalism, publisher of The Hardwick Gazette, was notified last week by the Greensboro Association that it was awarded a $750 grant to help cover the cost of local reporting in Greensboro.

This is the first grant received by the nonprofit organization formed at the end of 2023 to accept the gift of the Gazette, publishing its first edition on January 10.

Some board members who helped with the nonprofit transition and laid the foundation for this first grant, along with what are hoped to be many more to come, have now left the board, but continue to support the Gazette’s mission. NEKPJ especially thanks Elizabeth “Wiz” Dow, along with David F. Kelley, Jessie Upson and James “Skip” Duncan.

Notice of the Greensboro Association grant came minutes after I offered a position to Lucia McCallum as our Rural Community Resilience Reporter through a UVM/NEK summer internship that is 50% funded by the Leahy Center.

She has already written two stories for us through her work with the UVM Community News Service.

McCallum will help provide a deeper understanding of how our communities were prepared for the pandemic and last year’s floods. She will write for us about what lessons they have learned to prepare for future unknown emergencies and disasters.

Other area organizations planning to hire interns through that same program are the Greensboro Free Library and the Hardwick Farmer’s Market through the Center for an Agricultural Economy.

While I’m on the subject of interns, this week Megan Cane, a Hazen Union High School student, worked with me to write an article for this edition about Hazen Union School’s “Do Days”. Last week her first serious piece appeared in these pages about the “Dare To Be Me” program at Hazen.

Cane wrote our April Fool’s piece about basketball at Hazen Union School being defunded to support croquet. She also happened to be at the Hazen Union Field on April 16, asking questions when the helicopter landed to transport the victim of that day’s shooting. After months of my trying to be everywhere at once, it was an incredible pleasure to have Megan step up as a reporter without even being asked. I am most happy to have shared a byline with her.

Two weeks ago, I met with Raymonda Parchment, who has been majoring in English at VTSU Castleton and will be moving to Hardwick this summer for her final semester at VTSU Johnson. She will help us cover meetings for select boards, electric boards, and other community meetings. It is a critical piece of our work that has not been receiving enough attention.

Please help me welcome all three of these interns who I expect will bring us all more than we can imagine.

We’ve been turning up a bit more content each week and the interns will add still more. That adds to the work Dawn and Sandy do. Dave Mitchell, who several years ago retired from Hazen Union School as a Technology Coordinator and Teacher, joined us this week as a volunteer to help produce the paper. Dawn and Sandy have already seen benefits from just two days of his work.

New board members joining NEKPJ for their first meeting on April 21 were Greensboro’s Stefanie Cravedi, a retired english teacher; Hardwick’s Betty Jones, a retired kindergarten teacher with experience as a grant writer and East Montpelier’s John Walters, who writes the Vermont Political Observer (a.k.a. theVPO). John is a w riter, editor, sometime radio personality, and author of “Roads Less Traveled: Visionary New England Lives.”

The board is now focused on obtaining our IRS nonprofit designation before year-end and has a number of other projects in the works that will be revealed in the not too distant future.

Paul Fixx, editor

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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