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Road Crew Member Search Underway, Solar Array Planned

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WALDEN – The subject of an emergency select board meeting on tax day, April 15 was deciding on a plan to hire a short-term, minimum three-month road crew member. The successful candidate will need to have an up-to-date CDL and experience driving trucks and construction equipment. An ad will run for two weeks. Applications will be reviewed at the May 6 meeting.

New ARPA funding allocations were approved at the April 22 meeting to cover the cost of an outside audit, office computers and firewall security, the cemetery commission, the library and the playground committee. Any remaining funds will go to the office renovation account, fully allocating the town’s ARPA funds

The largest ARPA funded projects are $84,000 to the fire department for protective equipment, $54,712 for the solar panels, $40,000 to NEK Broadband that has begun offering service in limited areas of town, another $40,000 to the highway fund and $30,000 for weatherization of the town office.

Town FEMA projects after the July flood have cost $255,253.98. Reimbursement of at least 75% and as much as 90% is expected this year.

A loan to balance FY24 budgets will be voted on at the May 6 meeting. Until then, the town will borrow $60,000 from the Capital Fund, which will be replaced with the loan funds when received.

The road crew’s equipment is in good repair, with gravel being added to roads and grading happening as needed. The sand pile is already half of next winter’s need and Walt Nebrosky’s bid for roadside mowing was accepted.

Fifty-eight dog owners late registering their dogs will receive delinquent notices sent by the town clerk.

Listers are inspecting properties with noted changes. Those who have made changes should call the town clerk at 802-563-2220.

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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