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Lt. Gov. Zuckerman Visits Farmer’s Market Opening Day

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Lt. Gov. Zuckerman (right) visits the Hardwick Farmer’s Market on opening day, Friday, May 25, where he meets with Carol Fairbank of Broadfork Farmstead in Greensboro as she signs his petition to be a candidate and retain his position in this year’s statewide elections.

HARDWICK  — Vermont’s Lt. Governor David Zuckerman paid a visit to the opening day of Hardwick’s Farmers Market while collecting signatures for his petition to run for reelection in this year’s statewide elections.

“It was a real pleasure to visit with vendors and community customers at the opening day of the Hardwick Farmer’s Market.” said Zuckerman, adding, “For me, farmer’s markets feel like home because I too am a farmers market vendor and I always feel the deep sense of community when I attend any market around the state.”

Zuckerman is the 83rd lieutenant governor of Vermont. He was first elected to that position in 2016, as the 81st lt. gov. and took a two year hiatus before returning to the office in 2023.

During his 18 years as a legislator, Zuckerman served his last four years as a Chittendon County Senator on the Education Committee and as vice chair of the Agriculture Committee. In the Vermont House of Representatives for 14 years before that, he served on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy and Ways and Means Committees.

Zuckerman currently lives on a farm in Hinesburg, with his wife Rachel and daughter Addie.

He says, ““The Hardwick market is always a favorite of mine because of the breadth of vendors as well as the robust outpouring from the community. This week was a special treat with a performance by Bread and Puppet theater as well as the wonderful range of musicians who played for and serenaded the crowd.”

Zuckerman was born and raised in Brookline, Mass. He moved to Vermont in 1989 to attend the University of Vermont (UVM), where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. In 1992, while attending UVM, David was inspired to get involved in politics after hearing then-Representative Bernie Sanders speak about economic injustice, standing up for your values and fighting for what is right regardless of the odds. In 1996 he was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Zuckerman’s vision for Vermont’s future, that he says he shares with Sanders, focuses on helping working families instead of special interests.

“We’ve made a lot of progress. But I know there’s still a lot of work left to do to make Vermont a state where everyone can thrive. That’s why I’ve been traveling around the state to meet voters where they are and tell them the truth: a better world is possible.”

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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