Gazette Continues to Evolve

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Six months into our first year being published by the nonprofit Northeast Kingdom Public Journalism, The Hardwick Gazette is continuing to evolve.

We are very happy to report that Montpelier’s Center for Arts and Learning (CAL) has agreed to offer us fiscal sponsorship. The IRS website indicates our application may still be four or more months away from being looked at so we are grateful to have CALs assistance in the interim.

Our website’s donation button now takes you to a new donation page that routes your gift through them to us. The donation button in the email delivering each week’s paper will take you there too. If you haven’t yet signed up for that, you can do so at: https://hardwickgazette.org/subscribe/

Several weeks ago, Danielle Bailey joined us to take on the Gazette’s advertising sales role in Hardwick and nearby communities. You’ll see her work in the expanded Business Directory and congratulations section for 2024 graduates. Danielle can be reached via email at: sales@hardwickgazette.org and by phone or text at 802-917-3504.

Raymonda Parchment, an undergraduate at NVU Castleton who is living in Hardwick for the summer, joined us last week as an intern. Her first story for us appears this week. In it she writes about a Hardwick select board meeting where the Electric Department and Front Seat Coffee were discussed.

Look for Raymonda to appear in person at select board meetings in area towns as she writes more of our select board reports

We’ve removed the paywall from content posted on our web site so you can easily share links to that content and know your recipient will be able to access them easily.

That suggestion came from our newest intern, Lucia McCallum, a UVM student who has previously written for us through the UVM Community News Service. For eight weeks this summer Lucia will be working as our Community Resilience Reporter through a grant from the Leahy Center for Rural Partnerships. Expect to see her at the Cabot High School graduation on June 5.

The Leahy Center is generously supporting a group of students who are working in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom on projects involving community resilience this summer. Most are from UVM, with one from Craftsbury’s Sterling College. You may come across them at the Greensboro Free Library, the Hardwick Farmers Market, the Hardwick Food Pantry and the Highland Center for the Arts.

Please welcome them to our area if you encounter them in the community.

Paul Fixx, editor

ed note: The original version of this story incorrectly referred to Montpelier’s Center for Arts and Leisure (CAL)

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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  1. Peter Koerella

    Cool! Looks like some great things happening ahead for the Gazette! I’ll be sure to read!

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