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NEK Broadband Announces Merger Plans

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DANVILLE – NEK Broadband and CVFiber announce a preliminary plan to join the two Communications Union Districts (CUDs) under a recent addition to Vermont law.

The proposed merger would unite resources, experience, expertise and commitment to deliver high-speed internet services to 71 communities.

Working collaboratively will allow the CUDs to leverage infrastructure investments, accelerate the deployment of technologies and optimize operational efficiencies.

NEK Broadband and CVFiber propose to work together under the new business name, Northeast Central Broadband. The service plans, customer service, and pricing for both CVFiber and NEK Broadband areas will not change for the foreseeable future.

Copies of the Preliminary Merger Plan (the “Plan”) were distributed to NEK Broadband’s and CVFiber’s respective municipalities on June 1.

NEK Broadband and CVFiber will each hold a public hearing on the plan. Public hearings will be scheduled by each CUD for July 16. Both CUDs will arrange for notice of the public hearing by distributing such notice no later than three days in advance to their member municipalities, publicly posting such notice and publishing notice in local newspapers and other paid media.

NEK Broadband and CVFiber will schedule governing board votes on the final merger plan no less than 30 days after the public hearing. Governing board votes for the final merger plan decision are scheduled by each CUD for August 15.

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NEK Broadband is a community-driven organization working to ensure every resident in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont has access to high-speed internet. NEK Broadband is a Communications Union District (CUD) representing every town in Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans counties, and Wolcott in Lamoille county.

As a community-owned and operated Internet service provider, CVFiber serves 20 Central Vermont communities with a unified goal to provide fast, reliable, and world-class Internet to every Vermonter within its member towns. In partnership with Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, which operates the network and interacts with its customers, CVFiber is equipped to meet the growing needs of Vermonters as it expands into new district zones. Twenty communities are a part of the CVFiber district: Barre City, Barre Town, Berlin, Cabot, Calais, Duxbury, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Marshfield, Montpelier, Moretown, Northfield, Orange, Plainfield, Roxbury, Washington, Waterbury, Williamstown, Woodbury, and Worcester.

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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