Free to Read, Not Free to Create

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Regular Gazette readers know our online paper is now free to read.

Free to read does not mean free to create; the Gazette now depends upon reader contributions. We shed light on important activities that not everyone may be aware of by digging deeper into what’s happening in the area.

This week’s story about the Walden select board meeting, “‘Take us to Court,’ says Walden Select Board” is a good example.

The info we share in that story wasn’t in the minutes, but only available to those attending in person or watching the video.

Shining a light on activities that will help our elected representatives to serve us better is only one of the many things readers learn about in the Gazette’s pages.

The annual cost of bringing you the Gazette is about $60. Offering more than that helps those who can’t afford access.

Please help us by making a donation today.

Paul Fixx, Editor

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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