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Gazette Receives Funding for Local Reporting

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GREENSBORO, WOODBURY, HARDWICK – The Hardwick Gazette has recently received grants for local news coverage and general operating expenses from the Greensboro Association, the Woodbury Fund and a family foundation with ties to Hardwick.

The funding will help pay for local reporters and the equipment needed for additional production staff to handle the expanded coverage.

“The Greensboro Association is very pleased to award Northeast Kingdom Public Journalism $750 to hire reporters to cover hard news,” wrote the Greensboro Association Grants Committee.

Their letter continued, “We hope that our grant will encourage GA members to directly support the Gazette knowing that our grants committee chose to support you in a very competitive year.”

In offering its $2,500 award, Norm Etkind of the Woodbury Fund Board wrote, “The board is appreciative of all the work the Gazette does for the residents of Woodbury and neighboring towns!”

Later, Greensboro Association Grants Committee Co-Chair, Karen Gowen wrote, “So glad you are finding ways to keep the Gazette going as it is such an important resource for all of us.”

The Fisher Foundation donated $5,000 for general operating expenses earlier this month. In a conversation announcing their award, they offered appreciation for the work of the Gazette in playing an important role for the community.

The Hardwick Gazette began publishing as a Vermont non-profit corporation in January this year. It is now supported by advertising revenue, donations from readers and grants from philanthropic organizations.

Pending IRS 501c3 approval, the Gazette is now able to receive tax deductible donations through Montpelier’s Center for Arts and Learning by clicking the “Donate” menu item on our website homepage at

Donations by mail may be sent to The Hardwick Gazette c/o the Center for Arts and Learning, 46 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT 05602. Checks should be made out to the Center for Arts and Learning, noting The Hardwick Gazette in the memo line.

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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