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Tyler Molleur’s Severe Weather Update

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Powerful straight-line winds and tornados in the forecast for today

HARDWICK – Forecast guidance is showing an elevated likelihood of supercell development over parts of New England today. The most likely time is between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m for our area. Supercells are long-lived thunderstorms that are supported by rotating updrafts, capable of producing damaging straight- line winds and tornadoes. The threat of both hazards exist Sunday, with the extent of morning cloud cover being the greatest unknown variable that will determine our effective risk (less cloud cover means more available energy for storms). The remaining ingredients will be abundant. A second round of storms will likely approach northern Vermont by sunset, but will likely be oriented more toward the damaging wind threat.

Be weather-aware Sunday. Tornadoes are rare in northern New England, but aren’t as hindered by terrain as many would believe. They can sustain a track of up to a couple of miles or repeatedly touch down and lift. Heavy rain can often obscure spotting a visible funnel. Regardless of tornado development, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds have the potential to cause significant property damage and injury to people not sheltered properly. The lowest floors of sturdy buildings offer the best protection . . . in interior rooms away from windows.

Use mobile alerts, radio, and TV as your primary methods of receiving weather alerts Sunday afternoon and evening. If a thunderstorm approaches, remember the safest place to be is inside.

Tyler is our weather reporter and a community journalist. He works as a nurse and EMT, volunteers with Hardwick Rescue and helps to train new EMTs.

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