Letters to the Editor

The Myth of One School, Three Campuses

To the editor: As discussions about school mergers persist, it has become increasingly evident that the notion of “one school, three campuses” is nothing more than a myth. It is a soundbite being used to distract from the reality that is dividing the district community – or should I say[Read More…]

Elitism Shouldn’t Dictate School Closures

To the editor:I write to express my concern over the prevailing elitism guiding the voices of those advocating to keep small schools open at any cost, despite the evident suffering of students in Hardwick. While I understand the sentiment of preserving cherished community institutions, it’s imperative to prioritize the well-being[Read More…]

What’s in a Name?

To the editor: By the time the town of Hardwick had reached its 100th birthday in 1881, it had four villages: Hardwick Street, East Hardwick, South Hardwick, and Mackville. It had post offices in East Hardwick and South Hardwick. The USPS had designated the post office in South Hardwick as[Read More…]

Questions to Lakeview School Advocates

To the editor: As a concerned member of our community, I am writing to pose several important questions to the supporters of Lakeview School and its continued operation. These questions cut to the heart of the matter and demand answers that go beyond rhetoric and personal biases.Firstly, what is the[Read More…]

What Might a Lakeview School Closure Mean?

To the editor: I’m writing to express grave concerns about Lakeview School’s operation in our district, especially given recent developments undisclosed before critical decisions. The decision to maintain Lakeview despite severe staff shortages compromises education quality, evident in one teacher covering multiple grades. Moreover, the disproportionate per-pupil expenditure raises fiscal[Read More…]

Climate Change Requires Prioritizing Renewable Energy

Climate Change Requires Prioritizing Renewable Energy To the editor: Older people have benefited from the fossil-fuel-driven world of past decades. That world needs to change as quickly as possible and be driven by renewable energy. Third Act Vermont, an organization for older persons concerned about climate change, has endorsed  H.289,[Read More…]

A Few Things Became Clear

To the editor: I recently attended the community forum about the upcoming vote to close Lakeview Elementary and, over the course of the two hour meeting, a few things became clear to me about this important vote. Teachers at Hardwick Elementary spoke passionately on Monday night about their long struggles[Read More…]

Life Was a Splendid Torch

To the editor In Lorraine Hussey’s obituary, her son mentioned her commitment to the Hardwick Historical Society (HHS). I’d like to describe that commitment. In 2004, she joined the team of volunteers organizing the collection that the town moved from the Memorial Building to the Depot. Neither she nor the[Read More…]

Lucky Us!

To the editor: Our names, friends from birth until graduates of Hardwick Academy, Clare Mary Robb and Joyce Ann Slayton were printed in the  newborns section of the Hardwick Gazette in August of 1933,  as were all the students of Hardwick Academy at their birth. And once again, I remember being cited[Read More…]

Count Me Out

To the editor: It was very disappointing to read the article by John Walters in last weeks Gazette. The so-called opinion piece was less arguing a point of view, and more snark, sarcasm, and personal insults. Among other things, referring to VT Senator Starr as “Roguish bumpkin”, “hateful bigot”, “the MAGA uncle[Read More…]

Schools are the Heart of Vermont Small Towns

To the editor: Hardwick voters have an opportunity this coming town meeting to support the Lakeview Elementary School. Schools are the heart of Vermont’s small towns. Their disappearance for punative financial reasons is a travesty and leads to the collapse of small towns. Who wants to buy a house in[Read More…]