Letters to the Editor

Affordable Housing and Non-profits

To the editor: Much is being discussed about available housing in the state of Vermont. The private sector has to line up their financing from loan institutions. The non-profit sector lines up at the tax dollar door. Non-profits like Down Street Housing receives millions in loans from state and federal[Read More…]

Proud to be a Reader

To the editor: [I] just finished reading this issue of The Hardwick Gazette and I do mean reading. Usually I scan, but not today. Articles covering multiple areas of interest, Clear joyous photos and readable layout make me proud to be a reader. Thank you all. B.J. Gray Greensboro

A Scurrilous, Unexplained Attack

To the editor: Page 14 of your last issue (April 23) contained a three-window scurrilous, unexplained attack on the Vermont Land Trust (VLT). VLT is an outstanding community agency that has conserved 11 percent of Vermont’s total land area, mainly farm- and forestland. I appreciate the  Gazette’s  need for ad[Read More…]

An Opportunity for Positive Transformation

To the editor: As a concerned member of the community, I feel compelled to shed light on a matter of pressing importance: the future of our local microschools. It has been confirmed that the principal of Lakeview (and Woodbury) is leaving both schools without leadership. While proponents of saving these[Read More…]

Bureaucratic Bloat

To the editor: “If we don’t spend it, we won’t get it next year.” Our(?) Vermont legislature’s motto. The progressive and liberal democrats control the legislature. They’ve decided to reallocate the wealth of America from your pocket to theirs. I always thought they spent it faster than we can make[Read More…]

Posted Photos Could Lead to Tragedy

To the editor: Just be advised, your current edition posts photos of kayakers in recently iced Lake Caspian. They are not prepared for the cold water conditions, despite wearing PFDs. Dry suits or full wet suits are indicated. Their reader-submitted photos should have been rejected for public safety reasons. Please[Read More…]

An Open Letter to Jules Rabin

To the editor: Dear Jules Rabin, April 18, 2024 I am writing to you with infinite compassion for your virtue-signaling on the occasion of your 100th birthday when you chose to celebrate by serving up the most up-to-date blood-libel against your fellow Jews. What a shame you feel you have[Read More…]

How Easy is it to Forget

To the editor:A quick look at the Internet provides ample evidence a lot of people in Vermont and around the country don’t have a place to live or enough food to eat. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports about 653,000 Americans experienced homelessness in January 2023. That’s[Read More…]