Letters to the Editor

Daniels is House Candidate

My name is Anthony (Tony) Daniels, and I am a candidate for Vermont House of representatives Orleans-4 district on the Republican ticket, Albany, Craftsbury, Glover and Greensboro. My family has lived in Albany for almost 150 years, so I have deep roots here. I grew up on a dairy farm[Read More…]

Reasons Extremely Vague

To the editor: I am writing about Hazen principal Jason Di Guilio’s recent notice to dismiss former principal David Perrigo from his role as administrator of the Hazen Ski and Ride program, as well as his announcement that the program will be rolled into their Winter Wellness program, cutting the[Read More…]

Know Everything about Nothing

To the editor: So our present president and his followers want to forgive college loans. How about all the people who worked and diligently paid their loans off? Who are the people who need loan forgiveness? Are they the majority who back in the 60s and 70s spent eight, 10,[Read More…]

Disappointed and Saddened

To the editor: My son, Jasper, was a participant in the Hazen Union High School Ski and Ride program for the past three years; in addition, he was one of the student coordinators helping to run the program. I was disappointed and saddened to learn that David Perrigo will no[Read More…]

Can Our School District Afford It?

To the editor: I write to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing discussions surrounding the fate of Lakeview School and the broader implications for our district’s educational landscape. Recent events, such as the temporary closure of Windham Elementary due to staffing struggles and the financial challenges facing local schools[Read More…]