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Area Blanketed by Early Spring Storm

photo by Vanessa Fournier
Winter returned this past weekend in Hardwick during the Spring snowstorm on March 23. By Sunday morning Hardwick had received 11.7 inches from the two-day storm.

HARDWICK – Tranquil conditions returned early this week as the sun broke through the clouds and high temperatures approached 50°. Of course, the main weather feature of the previous forecast period was a significant winter storm on Saturday that turned out to be one of the largest snowfalls that we’ve experienced over the course of the winter. Many locations reported snowfall totals in the vicinity of a foot, while there were some outliers including both Plainfield and Wolcott, where members of the public reported snowfall totals of 22 inches. It is not uncommon for us to get a major winter storm in the early portion of the spring, in fact, some of our larger snowstorms tend to be during the middle of March.

Today, the clouds thicken back up as a frontal system approaches from the west and we draw in more warm air. The chance of showers persists through Thursday under slightly above normal temperatures. As that storm system moves to our east on Friday, sunshine begins to filter through again for the rest of the weekend with more seasonable temperatures expected. Unlike last week’s forecast, this forecast is short, sweet, and to the point. Here are the specifics on how this pans out:

Wednesday: Cloudy with scattered rain showers. High: 51. Low: 37.

Thursday: Cloudy with scattered rain showers, ending as snow showers. High: 45. Low: 31.

Friday: Mostly cloudy. High: 39. Low: 23.

Saturday: Partly sunny. High: 41. Low: 22.

Sunday: Partly sunny. High: 40. Low: 22.

Tyler is weather reporter and a community journalist. He works as a nurse and EMT, volunteers with Hardwick Resdue and helps to train new EMTs

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